Hair Extension

Before making a hair extension or thickening please consult with our professionals they will recommend you the best method and the most suitable hair. The extension hair must correspond by structure and color toyour own, and if not very often treated can last up to 2-3 wears.


There you can find an incredible variety of colors and structures.   

 Prices for hair “Silver Collection”*

(for 100 cm or 100 pcs tress + 20 bonus)

 up to 30 cm lenght

 588 BGN

up to 40 cm lenght

 784 BGN

 up to 50 cm lenght

 980 BGN

 up to 60 см lenght

 1176 BGN



*All prices are approximate due to the individual color and structure of each hair.

Tressage from natural hair are built in to the base of your own hair. This method was created personally by the owner of the company – Dima Todorova in 1993. Tested for a long time and highly evaluated not only in Bulgaria but many other countries. This is the most preferred method for hair extension. 

Additional air tress can be built in with the help of special caps, in a correspondence by color to your natural hair color. The whole procedure will take not more than 2 hours. Depending on the desired thickness 100 to 120 tress will be needed. Depending on hair growth rate the maintеnance interval is 4 to 6 months.

The advantages of our methods are:

  • Perfect fuse with your hair
  • Fast build in 45-50 minutes, while taking out  – 15 minutes.
  • Very suitable for straight and soft hairs, creating very good volume and thickness.
  • Hair can be treated with hair drier  or hair iron without injuring your hair (personally guaranteed by the owner of the company).
  • This method can be used not only for hair extension but also for thickening by building in 1 or 2 tressage on different levels. Thus you will get beautiful and natural volume.     
  • Doesn’t create problems while swimming using sauna etc.
  • Hair can be used for 2 years, if not chemically treated.

Hair Quality

In Dima Style beauty studios only natural hair is used, excepting the Asian type of hair. The hair is not chemically treated which gives it the natural smoothness, shine and does not entangle.

In all studios the quality of hair and services are temporary checked.