Hair Thickening

If your hair is thinning and does not have enough volume thickening can be achieved by building in 1 or 2 tressage on different levels. Thus you will get beautiful and natural volume.   

Two types are offered in our studios:


Hair nets are hand made with 100% natural, non dyed and without chemical treatment  hair. Can be used from 3 to 5 years, can be styled in different manners, we offer big variety of natural colors and structures.  The higher price (from 250 to 850 euro ), is due to the  hand making is compensated with the longer life time of the hair net.


There is an option for ”second skin” imitation if needed. With accessible price (from 150 to 250 eurо)
 they have a shorter life time usage – about a year. Doesn’t have big variety of natural structures.


This is a cosmetic method for hair reconstruction. It has 100% effect and the client doesn’t risk anything. The method is non operative painless and safe. The whole procedure lasts 2-3 months.

This method is very popular worldwide. The main advantage is the lack of scars and fast achievement of the desired thickness. Life time period is about 2 years, and the term for completing an individual order is 2-3 months.

Dima Style is the official importer of the Nanogen product lines for Bulgaria

Nanogen is a registered trade mark of the Pangaea Laboratories LTD. The company is created in 1999 in London, and is a example for High Tech technologies.

All the Nanogen products are made in Great Britain, with highest quality standarts with clinically proved effect. The main goal of the products line is to  stimulate the hair growth as well as camouflage the problem areas.

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